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How the Fraureuth AG marked her porcelain

First trade-mark from Römer & Foedisch

1865- ca. 1899

The first Fraureuther trade-mark existed until at least 1896 (probably however until 1899) as the latin F in a circle. Into the circle possibly also can be that the No. of the builderfrom the piece is pressed. Furthermore handwritten the decoration and/or painter number can be attached to this trade-mark a blind stamp for the No. of the form. Afterwards the trade-mark changes into the mirror monogram of PF in a circle under the crown, maintained up to the end. This was pressed beginning also as blind stamp in the pieces. Afterwards the trade-mark in green or grey was marked with the additive "Fraureuth" under the porcelain. To the mirror monogram over- and underglaze were added again and again. Usually porcelain of the art department was additionally marked. Excluding the products the painting studio in Dresden are provided with an additional, oranges mark overglaze. Pieces, those to favour of the national donation were sold or export articles had additional marks to the Fraureuth trade-mark. After 1918 the additive "Saxony" is marked, although Fraureuth belonged not to Saxony. It belonged this time to Thuringia. The designation "Saxony" was however well known and particularly in the export sale. Naturally to decorate white talbeware also purchased by independent porcelain painting around it there. In this case also the respective mark of the painting studio is additional to the Fraureuth trade-mark stamped, which decorated the porcelain. Here are for example the companies are Wilhelm Kunst, Ernst Bohne, Sonntag & Soehne, Otto and Ehrich Kunze and Leopold Petschauer. Except these information also still the stamp of the porcelain dealer at that time can be attached.

A continuous and far going uniform mark of the parts did not take place however unfortunately. The mirror monogram is always present. Marks and designations to model, decoration, job etc. are only sporadically attached. The information is exemplary with the figure "playing pair of children" from Ernst Broedel.

The figurine is marked with mirror monogram and becoming green signature "Fraureuth art department". Apart from the signature "Ernst Broedel" is scratched the number of 1918. Furthermore the numbers of 1240 and 22 (marked), 10 (scratched), 19/647 (up painted) and 25 are on the lower surface of plastics (up painted in gold). These information is to be interpreted as follows:

A work of the art department
Model: Ernst Broedel
Draft: 1918
Model number: 1240
Caster number: 22
Bossierer number: 10
Decoration number: 19/674 *
Painter number: 25
Execution: 1919

* The 19 thus 1919 stand for the year of the decoration draft. The second number means, which concerns it is the 674 decoration variant of the year 1919 for this model.

Trade-mark ca. 1923

Additional with the mark from Pickard / USA

The factory Fraureuth in former times was known for her high-quality porcelain. Therefore it gave some porcelain manufacturer, who leaned their own mark from the appearance against to the Fraureuther trade mark. Examples for this are the porcelain factories Arno Fischer & CO. and Ackermann & Fritze. After the bankruptcy of the Fraureuth AG some porcelain factories additional print "Fraureuth" to their own mark. Most of this pieces never saw the porcelain factory Fraureuth! This porcelain does not have to do something with the Fraureuth AG. Some porcelain factorys buy after the bankruptcy of the Fraureuth AG forms and white (not decorated) porcelain from the bankrupt´s estate of the Fraureuth AG. This were for example Wallendorf (Heinz Schaubach, Lichte, Gerold, Heubach and Lettin. Here the additive " Altfraureuther Modell" or "Model Fraureuth" can attached on it. This pieces were sketched before 1926 for the factory Fraureuth AG.

All in all many investigations are necessarily to get some information. As also at other factories are informations about the working place number of the painter or names from other workers from the Fraureuth AG not to experienced since the documentations are no longer existent from this time.

In the gallery of the porcelain marks you see some trade-marks between 1865-1926 from the porcelain factory Römer & Foedisch, later Fraureuth AG. To see in which periods these were used and more informations click in the appropriate illustration. In the second gallery furthermore marks are shown by companies which sometimes are confounded with the Fraureuth AG. Please note that the HP for a screen attitude of 1152x864 pixel is optimized.