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The strukture of the Fraureuth AG in 1899-1926


The quality of the Fraureuther porcelain did not end with the high quality materials. The drafts were very fine and fastidious. In this time the trend in taste changed fast so they created 1915 the art department. One always looked out here for well known artists of porcelain painting, sculptores and other. These were partially free lance and among other things for Rosenthal, Goebel, Zeh Scherzer, KPM, Hutschenreuther and other still today nameful manufactures of models sketched. The Fraureuther animal and people plastics achieved world fame. The Fraureuth AG reacted 1919 with the acquisition of the 1764 to created steeped in tradition porcelain factory Wallendorf in Thuringia, which due to the first world war one closed 1915 under the Kämpfe & Heubach AG, on the rising demand at animal and people figurines, boxes,vases etc.. At this year the art department of the Fraureuth AG resided there. They help with creativity and quality a essential contribution for re-orientation and for the success of the porcelain factory in the following years. By attitude of the Wallendorfer porcelain builder one could take up production by their experiences in the range of the artistic porcelain forming out immediately. Artists like for example Anton Grath, Carl Nacke, M. Hermann Fritz, Hans Harders and Professor Augmueller create marvelous plastics as free lance artists. Since the models, which served for casting, carried mostly the signatures of the artists, one can assign plastics today well. Drafts of the porcelain builder, who were firmly busy in the Fraureuth AG, became with the contraction "E.W." (own workshop) provide. Plant manager of the art department in Wallendorf is appointed Heinz Schaubach. *


Porzellanmalerei Dresden, 1917-1926

The porcelain painter of the art departments in Dresden and Lichte are not too forgotten. In the painting studio in Dresden became off approx. 1917 tableware decorate by hand. Here the popular alto Meissner flowers, Watteau painting as well as landscapes and motives of animal was laid on. In addition here was painted gold and email relief painting on boxes and vases and other things.

Galeriebildkopie nach Tizian

Himmlische und irdische Liebe, 1924-1926

The porcelain painting studio Lichte started in 1917. They decorate vases, boxes and porcelain plates with copys from picture galerys here. Since the manufacture Wallendorf was closed 1915, one could with the best porcelain painter for this range engage here.

From the year 1919 the Fraureuth AG is in the following arrangement:

Porcelain factory in Fraureuth, 1865-1926
Porcelain painting studio in Lichte, 1917-1926
Porcelain painting studio in Dresden, 1917-1926
Art department in Wallendorf, 1919-1926

Naturally white tableware was decorated also in other porcelain painting factorys. Here it gave for example the porcelain painting factory of Sonntag & Söhne as well as Langer & Jahn in Geiersthal, the company Pickard and Kniffin & Demarest CO in the USA.

An article from "Westermanns of monthly magazines" from June 1919 concerning the contract making of the Fraureuth AG with the national donation describes the work of the art department as follows: "Artistic porcelain, still before approximately 20 years a small circle of wealthy ones accessible, became common property, since private porcelain factories took up the competition with the national manufakturen and and products on the market to bring, which are equivalent at quality and artistic execution those of the national enterprises, their prices in addition, the less wealthy one the acquisition to make possible. The porcelain factory Fraureuth to Fraureuth in Werdau in Saxony continued to go in its price strategy even still another step: without the prices of their products are higher than other factories, they branch of 20 from 100 of the selling price in accordance with a contract closed with the national donation to these. On this way each buyer of Fraureuth porcelain gives a little money for the survivors in the war the killed persons at the same time. The artistic porcelain of the factory Fraureuth belongs to the best products the private german porcelain factory table tableware in white, with gold corrosion or handpainted flower samples, beautiful formed vases with underglazed painting, multicolored art plates, small dear boxes and of considerable artists modelled groups of figures makes for the housewife as to the collector from porcelain the choice heavy. The factory Fraureuth also created in the war many new models and in the following months incessantly at the development of its art department. They give models in a large number on the market. It comes to meet thereby the desires of the buyers, those, by the lack of other luxury and gift articles, stronger favour at artistic products of the porcelain factories found partly forced......."

* Heinz Schaubach took after the bankruptcy of the Fraureuth AG, this work. This division became between 1928 and 1953 Schaubachkunst, until 1960 under VEB Schaubachkunst, admits. More for this you find on the homepage Schaubachkunst.