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Success and fall of the Fraureuth AG

Adverdisting ashtray

The porcelain factory of Römer & Foedisch, later Fraureuth AG, a success history, which looked for at that time their same. In her only ~61 years old company history she build the largest and most modern porcelain factory of the german empire. The pallet of the products was so extensive that no desires of the buyers remained open. The company survives economic difficulties of this time without prejudice to. In the time of the first world war and after this it was the best time in the company history for the Fraureuth AG in all ranges. They make high investments into a future production of porcelain. But it was to early for this technology of the porcelain production. So they can´t stop the high losses of production. That´s one of the facts why the company in a few years must file a bankruptcy petition. The end came with the opening of the bankruptcy on 15 July 1926 of the company history, which concluded with the deletion on 9 October 1934 from the trade register. Although still into the 50'ger by different porcelain factories with additives like "Fraureuth" or "Model Fraureuth" was recruited, the porcelain factory Fraureuth AG turned out in the following decades into oblivion. Today the most one don´t know anythink about the Fraureuth AG.