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Kinds of decoration


art department, 1919-1926

The decoration is always in color and shaping an expression of the time taste. The Fraureuth AG through-lived several interesting style directions since its establishment. Begun in romantic historicism down to 1870 over the late historicism of approx 1880-1900, which orients itself at short notice again at the baroque style. The decorations are in the early historicism rather partly in dark colors such as cobalt and brown. In the late historicism colors and forms chanched. The porcelain is now more multicolored and the forms are in the baroque style. Around about 1900 the art nouveau came with swung forms, strong colors and flower decorations. This epoch up to the beginnings of the art déco is for the Fraureuth AG the most intensive and expressive phase in art and style. In this epoch they set up the porcelain painting studios in Dresden, Lichte and Gräfenthal. The porcelain factory Wallendorf which closed in 1915, is acquired and the art department is established there. This time the forms of the decoration start to be soft and round and the colours are bright and colourful. In the Fraureuth AG they have a good handling of all different decoration techniques. They decorate colored steel needle printing by hand, sliding pictures are over and under glaze, the hand paintings are worked over and under glaze. From corrode gold decorations, silver overlay work and enamel painting many kind of decorations are implemented there. Placing of orders like ship table-ware with insignias of the shipping company was e.g. a speciality of the Fraureuth AG. Furthermore the fine and precise gold painting is a brand name. In the gallery of the decorations I would like to therefore try to gather decorations of the Fraureuth AG. On this way I will send many thank to the city and steam museum in Werdau for the support to this chapter who was here very helpful to me. Please notice that the HP for a screen attitude of 1152x864 pixel is optimized.

In a report in the book of the trade and industry " Our Time" from 1919 they write over the Fraureuth AG:
" .......... Table-ware for the hotel industry, for the Hamburg-American package - corporation, for the giant steamers Imperator and Patria, for so-called senator steamers, as well as for the Royal-Dutch, the Holland America Line and the Netherlands Lloyd was for the company a substantial area of distribution what with the outbreak of the war had a sudden end. Since then the enterprise has in every respect a large transformation gone through ............... In Dresden and Lichte the company establish own porcelain painting studios, in which artists are exclusively painting by hand flowers and pictures. They reproduce pictures of our first masters on art objects such as doses, vases, plates and framed plates ................. Also in Berlin the enterprise has got an address in form of a central sample camp for the sale outside of the Leipziger fairs. Here you finds art objects the competition can not copy. They show complete picture galleries of our first artists on plates, dishes and other nice pieces transferred .............. the splendourful gold decoration with email inserts to vases what shows even the laymen the fine work, technical skill and good taste. The colors on the vases, doses and similar art-commercial articles are of largest elegance, in particular the enamel colours. The porcelain has got the purest, whitest tone ...... "