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Little Fraureuth porcelain marketplace

pattern of decorations

Catalog of the art department, 1921

I am an collector too and know the problem. You have got a service and some parts are missing. A dear-won piece of the mother or grandmother goes broken or the collection is not completed. On the other side it could be that one got something which really its taste does not correspond or you have got only some individual parts of a service. Due to the increasing popularity of porcelain of the Fraureuth AG I would like to bring offerers and searches together here. Please note that it is exclusive for porcelain of the porcelain factory of Römer & Foedisch and the porcelain factory Fraureuth AG! It would make me happy if someone can find some pieces for his service or some collector can find something.

To send me some informations about the porcelain you are search or offer please send me the contact form I search / I offer. To get the right pieces please send me much information as possible. If you need some informations I will help you. Furthermore you can send me a sharp photo of the looked for or offered piece under admin (at) Your advertisement appears after this in this column.
A request of me: Let me know if your advertisement can be inferred!

Please consider:
This is a free services from me. Nobody can get a claim on me. The sale and the purchase is agreed upon directly between the offerer and the salesman. Data like the condition of the parts or the number of items are only from the offers. I dont check this. If I check this it will standing in the advertisement. A general claim to publish the advertisement does not exist.

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