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Private collections

Porcelain collection about the Hutschenreuther AG

Hutschenreuther porcelain; a name is program. A great collection of porcelain bedded in information approximately around the manufacture, their art department as well as artists. They are also porcelain collecting tanks and look for contacts to other collector or do you have a question about porcelain? Then you visit also the forum up:
Language: German, English

Porcelain collection about animals on golden balls

" … and in the forest under an old lime-tree was a well. If now the day were quite hot, the kings child went into the forest and sat down at the edge of the cool well: and if it had boredom, it took a golden ball, threw it up and caught it again; and that was their dearest play work…"

Dip with this introduction into a private collection of animals on golden balls of different manufacturers. An affectionately arranged and very informative homepage with many data to the shown figures.
Language: German

Porcelain collection about Gerold & Co.

Information and an extensive collection to the porcelain factory Gerold & CO expect you on the homepage von JoAnn Snow.
Language: English

Porcelain collection about kingfisher

You see an extensive collection of kingfisher made in porcelain with data to the manufacturer etc. at this homepage.
Language: German, English, Dutch

Frinds of the Rosenthal porcelain

With the establishment of a porcelain painting studio in Erkersreuth Philipp Rosenthal 1879 put the foundation-stone to an enterprise, which was short time later recognized world-wide. The porcelain factory Rosenthal. With the very good quality of their products and constant expansion it is a substantial component of German porcelain history. Retaining and documentation of this history as well as joy for the products made 1999 the association "Friends of the Rosenthal porcelain e.V.". About the activities of this association you can inform you here:
Language: German

Porcelain collection about decoration Indischblau

Not porcelain certain manufacturers is the basis of this collection. Here table-ware of most diverse manufacturers unites with one decoration: Indian blue. Experience here more over this well-known decoration:
Language: German

Collection about the company Aerozon

About 1910 smoke-consumer and/or perfume evaporators were manufactured. To the center of the sixties they came out of time and into oblivion. Only at the beginning of the eighties they were rediscovered as collecting tank object. Also the company Aerozon in Berlin, of whose history and products this collection acts, suffer the same destiny. A comprehensive collection of smoke-consumer and historical informations about the company you can find here:
Language: German

Porcelain collection about Lilienporzellan

In the sixties in Austria coffee was served in any second household with this popular table-ware. Already soon, after the production was stopped and the remainder were sold, it developed to the collecting object in demand. Lilien porcelain! See in this collection the classical Designs from the fiveties, the beautiful pastel colours or revel in your nostalgic memories to the sixties.
Language: German

The cat collection

You love cats and mice? Borzois are elegant dogs for you? Then you have to visit this collection in the net. Mainly cats and additional mice and dogs formed in porcelain and glass found a new home in Switzerland. The collection includes figurines from all over the world.
Language: German, English

Porcelain collection about Moschendorf

This collection is about the porcelain factory Moschendorf. Created in a old paper factory she had in a short time a world-wide renown. Only 79 years later she must close. The porcelain factory was well-known for her decorations in „indian blue decoration“ like straw flowers or the onion design.
Language: German

Collection and informations about Hummel figurines

Who don´t know the nice figures after the design of sister M.I. Hummel. They are produced already since 1935. With 37 years sister Maria Innocentia Hummel died 1946, which was called with worldly name Berta Hummel. The figures are all over the world liked and known. Hummelclubs have world-wide hundredthousands of members. Find here comprehensive information and other collectors to this beautiful hobby.
Language: German, English

Porcelain collection and informations about Selb

The porcelain city Selb. Here are some the most well-known porcelain manufacturers. Experience more over the porcelain city. An extensive collection of porcelain and information about porcelain manufacturer and Selb you expects here:
Language: German

Porcelain collection about Schaubach/Wallendorf

About the work of the former director of the Fraureuther art department, Heinz Schaubach, after 1928 you can inform you here:
Language: German