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Porcelain factorys

The Schlossmanufaktur Ludwigsburg

Already since 1758 aesthetical porcelain is join with a name: Ludwigsburger porcelain. Until today the Schloßmanufaktur Ludwigsburg used up itself the tradition of pure manual work to produce and decorate the pieces of porcelain. Thus for example the already 1765 sketched Ludwigsburger scale pattern make timeless accents on traditional and modern forms. Just so fastidiously is the always handpainted, when desired also individually made decoration. Ludwigsburger porcelain stands thus until today for an elevated lifestyle and table culture par exellence.
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The porcelain factory Wallendorf GmbH

The porcelain factory Wallendorf looks back to a long and moved history. 1764 of W. Hammann and G. Greiner based the factory was until 1833 in family estate of the family Hammann. Afterwards Wallendorf was sell to different owners like Hutschenreuther, Kämpfe & Heubach and Schaubach. From 1919-1926 the Fraureuth AG was the owner and they develop here her art department. To the success story of the Fraureuther art department the well-known "Old Wallendorfer Modelle" have contributed. Since 1960 the tradition name Wallendorf is borne again.
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The porcelain manufacture Goldscheider

The "Goldscheider porcelain manufacture and majolica factory" was created in 1885 by Freidrich Goldscheider. Within shortest time the in Vienna residents factory was famous for their works in porcelain, terakotta and bronze over the European borders. By all epochs of the history of art Goldscheider became honors and was considerably involved to create the style of this time. The company history and much further information you will find here:
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The porcelain factory Lichte Porzellan GmbH

The porcelain factory Porzellan Lichte GmbH look back to a long company history which started 1822. Here you can get table-ware and decorative porcelain in traditional style and in modern style. Everything is in the well-known thuringia quality. A particularity in their catalog are great porcelain figures which are designed in 1918 from famous artists for the Fraureuth AG. This are for example the "Europe on a Bull" from Prof. Carl Nacke or the "Boy on the Panther" from Prof. Max D. H. Fritz and several other. Fine porcelain comes from Lichte.
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The porcelain factory Moschendorf

This collection is about the porcelain factory Moschendorf. Created in a old paper factory she had in a short time a world-wide renown. Only 79 years later she must close. The porcelain factory was well-known for her decorations in „indian blue decoration“ like straw flowers or the onion design.
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The porcelain factory Pöllwitz

Here you can read everything over the only 18 year old history of the porcelain factory Pöllwitz from Thuringia.
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The porcelain factory Burgau

The porcelain factory Burgau, which was based 1901 from Ferdinand Selle, was guiding a new time into the porcelain-production with their production of only 29 years of their own drafts. Well-known artists such as A. Müller, E. Kuithan and A. Gessner supplied drafts. Even Henry van de Velde supplied for the factory drafts, which were not produced by reason of the First World War and the inflation.
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