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Promotion association Fraureuther porcelain e.V.

The promotion association Fraureuther porcelain registered association made it's duty to save the memory of the formerly famous Fraureuther porcelain. For this they make furthermore an exhibition in one restored house of the porcelain factory Fraureuth. This open each Sunday (except holiday) of 14 - 17 o'clock.
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The city and steam engine museum in Werdau

First address in puncto Fraureuth porcelain is the city and steam engine museum in Werdau. Already since 1916, when the Fraureuth AG celebrated its success-richest years, they began there to document and collecting the Fraureuther porcelain. Today there is the surely largest collection with more than over 1000 pieces. If you are more technically interested you will find your interests represented in Werdau too. Here for example is the great yearly gather from trucks and changing exhibitions in the museum.

About the story of the Fraureuth AG you find here more:
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The porcelain exhibition in Fraureuth


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Where an exhibition of porcelain of the porcelain factory Fraureuth AG would find a historically style-fuller framework than in the former master-house of the porcelain factory in the municipality Fraureuth. The last restored building, which was a part of the porcelain factory, gives the exhibition with approximately 150 pieces of the Fraureuth AG a new home. A virtual tour by the rooms you can find here:
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The german porcelain museum in Hohenberg / Eger

Four museums, two locations, one theme: Porcelain! You are interested in informative and affectionately arranged exhibitions over porcelain from today and yesterday? Do you want to know something more about technical porcelain? Or did you want to experience more over the techniques of the porcelain production? This all is united in the largest special museum for porcelain in europe. Visit in Selb the
European industrialMuseum for porcelain
Rosenthal museum
European museum for technical ceramics
and in Hohenberg the
German Porcelain Museum
All four museums are attainable under:
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The Hetjens-museum in Düsseldorf

Exhibitions about porcelain and ceramic as well as the possibility of a free investigation of your porcelain (no estimation of the value! Please date and number of pieces consider.) find in the German ceramic museum in Duesseldorf.
Language: German, English, Japanese, Russian, Chinese

With the opening of the National Porcelain Museum in 1908 was Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig of Hesse and by Rhine the collection of centuries owned by the royal family public. One focus is on the ceramic products of the own porcelain factory Kelsterbach and located in the regional factories Höchst and Frankenthal. With Meissen, Nymphenburg, Sèvres, Vienna and St. Petersburg, another major manufacturers are represented. Thus, the collection provides over 4,000 objects made ​​of faience, stoneware and porcelain with an overview of the artistic development of European ceramics, from its origins to the early 20th century.
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The porcelain museum in Münster

The porcelain museum in Münster was created by private collectors. It shows particularly something about the porcelain painting of this region. Central topic of interest porcelain museum is the 1919 as porcelain factory created porcelain painting studio August Roloff from Münster. A. Roloff developed its own paint style, which conquered from Münster the world. More to history, the porcelain museum and the promotion circle do you find here:
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