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Some interesting links about porcelain


Porcelain painting studio Dresden, 1917-1926

Here I would like to generally adjust you a pair helpful links to the topic Fraureuth porcelain and porcelain. I hope that these are helpful with the search for information and/or the practice of your hobby. For referring to good and informative homepage to this topic I am always grateful. And now I wish you much fun.

Enjoy private collections around the topic porcelain. Here you will find many information about the respective collection-area and porcelain in many variations.
They preserve some history of civilization and to make it accessible for the publicity. To connect the traditional and the modern art is very difficult. See here some examples of museums they do it well.

In the past there were always porcelain factories they again-drove the same fate as the Fraureuth AG. Here are some of this company histories.

You look for affiliation of a person to a porcelain factory, for porcelain marks or other information around the topic porcelain? In different you can find general informations.

If you know interesting links to the topic porcelain or you have an own HP about this I would bevery grateful for an hint. After examination I will take up this link to the HP here with pleasure.