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The porcelain street in Thuringia

Would you like to admire many museums precious porcelain of the past or do love you nice porcelain for a good price at home and would like manufacturers sales of the most well known porcelain factories to visit? From the active vacation to the Wellness here everything is possible. The porcelain route is always worth a journey. Experience one culturally and culinary interesting region. Closer information you will find here:
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Restoration studio for art objects

The work of restoration at art objects not only requires a lot of experience and specialized knowledge about their condition and their composition, but above all passion and flair. This passion is lived for over 17 years in the restoration studio of art objects from Mr. Ario Eftekhari "Arios studio". Objects of variety of materials Mr. Eftekhari restore there. Closer information you will find here:
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Forum for canteen tableware

Long time after the invention of porcelain table-ware was found only in houses of wealthy persons. With the age of the industrialization and the thus more economical production table-ware was a article for daily use. So it was thus manufactured also increased for cafeterias, shipping lines, restaurants and the military use. Interesting information, which turns particularly around daily use and cafeteria table-ware, you find here:
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International HP about trade-marks

Illustrations and information to porcelain marks of different porcelain factories as well as marks of replications can you check here.
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Enumeration from personsand porcelain factorys

The "Who's Who" has today already more than 200,000 informations about persons and manufacturies in Europe from approximately 1700 till today. On this homepage you can find a choice over 46.000 names, over 1.000 manufaycuries, porcelain factories, porcelain painting studios and persons. If you need some special information please contact us. You read details here:
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International forum about porcelain

In this international forum you find most diverse information about artists, marks and much more interesting about porcelain.
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