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Gallery of plaques from the art department

The village Lichte in Thuringia, a city with a long tradition in the art of the portrait painting on porcelain. 1862 already was established here the painting and modelling school, which was leaded from 1911 by Carl Friedrich Lorenz. He sketched from 1918 for the Fraureuther art department as important models as "mourning Bajazzo" , " Bowl with peacock" or "Sledge-ride".
1917, two years after the establishment of the art department, one decides to open a porcelain painting studio as the department III of the Fraureuth AG in Lichte. Excluding here they paint gallery picture copys on table-ware, doses, vases and porcelain plaques. In this chapter I would like to show excluding plaques of the Fraureuther art department. Some of the plaques were made in the factory in Wallendorf, which was a department from the Fraureuth AG, too. Other pictures was painted on plaques from the national porcelain factory in Berlin (KPM).
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