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Original or new copy


The desire something about the Fraureuth AG and their porcelain to make known seems reached. A clear indication for this is that one provides apparently since 2007 porcelain figures of new production with the former mark of the Fraureuth AG and offers these as old pieces of original. The figures in same forming out with different marks are partly offered. Here it concerns figures, which are specified neither in figurative form nor as description in the model book of the dissertation of Mrs. Dr. S. Fraas. Whether it possibly are reproducing from old figures of other manufacturers it´s not known today. Qualitative these figures are to be compared not once approximately with old pieces of original of the renowned manufacturers. Thereby you can see various characteristics, which should be considered before the acquisition of a figure.

On which you should respect:

The complete impression and painting:

The first impression lets the figures in the style of the 20'ger - 30'ger years appear. During detailed view one determines however serious deviations predominantly in the work with the color, the design and their execution. The colors are not strong and bright. But that´s what was usual in this time. Also the painting and above all qualitative execution of painting the face, here particularly eyes and mouth, is accordingly to absolutely atypical and not the style of the epoch, in which the figure is to have developed. The gold painting looks very new, without scratching and very inaccurate. You can´t find an abrasion of the gold painting, what for a figure with at least 80 years is at least unusual.

The quality of forming out:

The qualitative of the out forming is more than bad. The workmanship and execution of the hands are very bad. Nobody touch up some thing like a removing of the remainders porcelain between the fingers ect. was not made. Likewise the kind of forming out the blooms is not realistic enough. These are flatly, unnaturally and the design is completely out of this time. The foot is not formed out. The smooth transition from the foot to the base is atypical. The head decoration is very unequally and inaccurately formed out. Likewise the figure would not have left the factory with the porcelain remainders at one of the foot at the base. All in all a figure, which comes during more exact view into design nor quality of forming out also only a little bit came into the proximity of the originals.

The trade-mark:

With the mark it seems to concern at first sight the trade-mark of the Fraureuth AG. In this kind it was used between 1909 - 1923 by the Fraureuth AG. Slight deviations you can see in the form and however in the light color of the trade-mark. The color for the marks, if you compare this with the found figures, is an atypical bright green. Furthermore no additives are like "art department" and other beside the trade-mark. The kind of the indication of the decoration number is not implemented in the kind, as it was usual in the Fraureuth AG. More about the porcelain marks of the Fraureuth AG you can read in the chapter "trade-marks with datas" and there in the "gallery of the trade-marks".


The undersides of the feet are unusually clean for a 80 years old figure. The complete impression of the figure is temporally not in this time.

Surely when the times goes on they make qualitative improvements on these figures. Also changes concerning the marks are possible. With appropriate references I will try these to after-hold here. The more importantly the examination of the points is to check directly at the offered piece . Colour and quality can be judged usually only in such a way to 100%. Photos usually are not good in the colours or in the details.

I would like to thank on this way Mr. H. v. Bogen and Mr. W. Richter cordially for provided information and photos, without which this chapter could not so in detail have been arranged surely. e various characteristics, which should be considered before the acquisition of a figure. On page 1 of the gallery you see one of the addressed figures in details. To the comparison you see on page 2 of the gallery details of the much better forming out of original figures of renowned manufacturers. On the page 3 of the gallery you find photos from figures, which are offered in same forming out but with difference marks from the Fraureuth AG and other one (Hertwig / Katzhütte for example). In the model book of the Fraureuth AG they are not to be found. The execution of the decorations is different. For closer information you click please the respective picture on. Please notice that the HP for a screen attitude of 1152x864 pixel is optimized.