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What ever is porcelain

Modell von Carl Nacke

1919-1926, Kunstabteilung

Everyone uses it every day; porcelain. It is needed for many diverse applications. Whether it in the electrical industry as an insulator, in the bath as sanitary articles, in the mouth as an crown, as an knife blade or in the more usual use than table-ware. Porcelain is everywhere. Still in the middle of the 19. century porcelain only was for the middle and upper class of the people. Approximately 70 years later with the industrialization the porcelain was a mass-produced goods. This trend held itself until today. " Good china" only for sunday or holiday is today unfortunately out of date. Today table-ware must be easy to handle. The time where you saw the mode of living in the forms and decorations is past. Today the furnishings, forms and colors are adapted to the own lifestyle. But more and more people recognize that also today a festively covered table with a beautiful porcelain dont lost his charme. What can be nicer to sit with good friends or the family at a nice decorated table. Many people think so and I became again and again inquiries concerning the handling of old service. For the use of old table-ware I have a completely clear opinion: It was usually manufactured with much love to give the user gladness. So it should be used also with a certain caution! So that you enjoy a long time your porcelain I would like to write here something about the material, whose production and handling. Please consider that I am not in the porcelain buiseness! The information in the "Little porcelain booklet" can thus mistakes contain, which I did not recognize during the composition. If you see a mistake I would be very grateful for a hint.