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As everything began

Plaque, A. Brödel for Fraureuth

Heavenly and terrestrial love, 1924-1926

Already for years we saunter on weekends over antique markets. As my wife began to collect bowls we look for porcelain. Knowing about porcelain marks? We dont know anythink! One bought after favours. It was again Sunday and in a shopping center in Duesseldorf was antique market. We pulled by the market when we suddenly saw a bowl with appropriate sauciere at a dealers table. Beautifully! The tableware was in rococo style with a multicolored pressure old viennese flowers. I say to my wife that she must have unconditional this bowl. When I asked the dealer for the price and he called us these, my wife with the words pulled me on the side: "Much too expensively! I would not like those." Even the references of the dealer that it is Fraureuth porcelain, could not change the opinion of my wife. When we go through the market I everytime talk about the bowl. At last we stood then nevertheless again before the dealer. After the negotiations with him (my wife led them) and various references from me that I want the bowl, we had her then finally in the hand; our first porcelain from Fraureuth. Fraureuth? Now we wanted to also know, what we to have bought there. We tried (without InterNet!), to find out something about the manufacture Fraureuth. It was however fast clear that there was not much information outside of the InterNet. We found the same bowl with another decoration two weeks later on a other antiqe market. As we bought also these we were infected from the collecting fever. With the increasing collection and the meanwhile existing InterNet we came also slowly to information. 2003 Mrs. Dr. S. Fraas, this time she is working in the German Porcelain Museum, write her dissertation about the porcelain factory Fraureuth AG "Wachgekuesst" hidden treasures of the Fraureuther porcelain factory. So the German Porcelain Museum and Mrs. Dr. Fraas recall to mind the Fraureuth AG. It would not have been possible me, without providing the searches for many years of Mrs. Dr. Fraas and the thesis dissertation from it, this InterNet side.

Our first pieces from Fraureuth

Thats the way our curiosity concerning of this factory was woke. Meanwhile some pieces accumulated in our little collection and we would be happy if you find joy on these pieces, too. For suggestions and helpful criticism I am always grateful. Contacts with other collectors are desired. Please use for this the form of contact. I wish you much fun on my little website, which is optimized for a screen attitude of 1152x864 pixel.

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